In the beginning…

I suppose it is always a good idea to start at the beginning, after all it is a very good place to start.  🙂

I started my sewing adventures at about the age of five.

I was in preschool and they had paper hearts that were punched out with holes in them all around the edges.  You were supposed to take one heart and wind yarn through the holes along the outside to decorate the edge.  I took two and sewed through both the make a pocket.  I was a bit of an odd duck as a child, and I am thankful I have not yet grown out of it!

I remember from that point making various doll clothes out of felt, sewing string puppets and putting on “behind the kitchen curtain” puppet shows.  I was fascinated to see what else I could make with this new found skill.  I eventually had a whole drawer under my bed devoted to fabric scraps and trims to play with donated from old clothes and garage sales.  {not much has changed :D}

It was around 9-10 years old that I started to really want to sew.  I wanted to move beyond hand sewing…I wanted power…I wanted speed…I wanted a sewing machine.  Needless to say my parents were a little skeptical.  My mother knew how to sew on a button and mend small things, but hadn’t really USED a sewing machine before.  Plus it was a big expense.  A basic bare bones machine back then cost around 200$ for something decent.

It fell to me to convince them that I was old enough, and that I wanted it bad enough.

Enter my first Quilt.

I don’t really remember where I first saw an attic windows quilt, but I internalized the look of it and decided I wanted to create my own.

I slowly gathered the fabric on grocery shopping trips with my mom.  She would go get groceries, and I would walk down the strip a few stores and go to Hancock fabrics.  I still cherish how nice the ladies in there were to me.  I realize now that I was probably a bit of a novelty to them.  A 10 year old spending her allowance on fabric!  Regardless, they were always super nice and helpful when I went there.

I picked out the frogs, simply because frogs were my favorite things in the world to catch.  The ladies helped me to coordinate a border fabric and off I went!

No rulers, no rotary cutter, no pattern.  Just a pair of scissors too big for my hands and pure determination.

Somehow it worked out.  My parents were suitably impressed.  But the cost of a new sewing machine just for me was still an issue.

So my parents debated, then called my grandmother.  She had her old 1960’s Kenmore in a cabinet, and was willing to give it to us to further her granddaughters dream.  AND the bonus was….

My DAD knew how to use it and sew on it!!!

The new deal became…if I could learn how to use grandma’s sewing machine and manage not to sew my fingers together, they would pay half the cost of a new machine of my very own.

I had that new machine within a year.  I haven’t stopped sewing since!






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